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Footage Rescue Products is proud to introduce our DoorStrut. This tool is a non-destructive forcible entry tool for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement.
  • The DoorStrut is manufactured using both steel and aluminum components for strength, durability, weight and ease of use.
  • The DoorStrut is designed using a telescoping section that is pinned, coupled with an acme thread section that screws out forcing the jamb and allowing the door to open.
  • At a weight of just 12.9 lbs, the DoorStrut is almost half the weight of other ordinary non-destructive forcible entry tools on the market.
  • Our DoorStrut has a collapsed length of 27.5” and when fully deployed has a length of 42”
  • Our telescoping section has pin holes every ¾” so set up is quick and easy, simply pull the pin and extend the telescoping section to within ¾” of the door jamb and turn the crank handles to spread the door jamb.
  • There isn’t a system on the market that is lighter and easier to use than our DoorStrut and at about half the cost of our competition, there is no better value in non-destructive forcible entry than the DoorStrut.

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