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AutoStrut Parts
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The AutoStrut is developed by firefighters for firefighters. The AutoStrut is designed to meet a wide variety of rescue situations rescue personnel see on a daily basis.

The AutoStrut's unique design allows one rescuer to completely stabilize a vehicle in seconds. This allows manpower to focus on patient care and extrication.

The AutoStrut system meets all of the vehicle stabilization criteria that industry professionals have been asking for. The AutoStrut system is easily transported to the rescue site by way of its carry bracket. The struts are quickly deployed; most rescuers can have the vehicle stabilized in less than one and half minutes. Set up can be done by one person, keeping vital manpower free to attend to patient care.
AUTOSTRUT Specifications
Long Strut Stored Length 47 inches
  Stored Length w/ Claw Top 52.5 inches
  Height standing w/ anchor top 50 inches
  Height w/ first extension fully raised 70 inches
  Height Fully Extended 93 inches
  Width 5.5 inches
  Depth 9 inches
  Weight 28 lbs.
Short Strut Stored Length 32.25 inches
  Height Fully Extended 59.25 inches
  Width 5.5 inches
  Depth 9 inches
  Weight 22 lbs.
The AutoStrut struts can be pinned at 4.5 inch increments from stored length to full extension.

Footage Rescue Products offers both long and short struts. You have the option to mix and match the sizes of the struts, in each kit, to meet your needs. Pricing of the struts are the same for long and short.

When ordering, please specify the kit part number and strut length. Example: S-SP-3-AK1 with (2) S-AL-A1 and (1) S-AS-A1

When ordering, please specify carrying handle style, upright (S-CH2-A1) or side-by-side (S-CH-A1)

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